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Academy & Mentorat GlobalGoals

Présentation du manager de l’Academy & Mentorat GlobalGoals, Sven AERTS


The network of #GlobalGoals club-academies
a year long series of events & courses
by 20 regional #GlobalGoals – Panathlon academy-clubs;
festivals for the 17#GlobalGoals & Indian holidays, the International Day of Sport & Culture 4 Development & Peace
A smarter & safer way to move forward in places of corruption, where it is often too dangers to tackle things head-on.


As an image communicate more than a hundred of works, below a collage of images that helps explaining what the club-academies are about. Note: already 2 embassies have agreed to finance the roll out of some 20-40 clubs in the country they are located in – next time you meet / have / make an appointment with a (developed world) embassy (in a developing country), take this collage with you and ask them where are the grant forms as every embassy / its ministry of development aid has a budget for these kind of projects:

Photo top: in images – what does a GlobalGoals club-academy looks like?
every weekend, 3 years long, a series of events & courses
by 20 regional #GlobalGoals – Panathlon – Culture academy-clubs;
with babysit facilities to attract emancipated women & men,
x 40 engaged people/school = +800 people trained in
– project team working via the internet, supported by a Virtual Office and MOOC = Massive Open Online Courses in e.g. dactylo, fast language learning using Cognates (= words languages have in common),
but also assertivity & self defence for women,
fundraising with CO2e coins –
organizing 2 mass events/region.year =10 mass events, along the 17#GlobalGoals, the UN Calendar of Observances, the International Day and Week of Sports for Development & Peace and the National Holidays of the Country
Bottom: The Global Action Awards – Invited at the annual GlobalGoals Festival at the premises of the United Nations in Bonn/Germany – Europe, where the 1.000 most inspiring and active groups furthering the 17#GlobalGoals are brought together



1972 – the First of the Decennial Earth summits – an inventorisation of what are humanities most urgent problems and developing a plan of action not to run into a wall by the year 2100

Agenda21 – the Plan of Action to help humanity make it beyond the year 2100

1992: 3rd Earth Summit at Rio De Janeiro – Read the Warning to Humanity by the Scientific Community
“We the undersigned, senior members of the world’s scientific community, hereby warn all humanity of what lies ahead. A great change in our stewardship of the earth and the life on it, is required, if vast human misery is to be avoided and our global home on this planet is not to be irretrievably mutilated. .. this is the most scientists to ever cosign a published journal article. Read What We Must Do.

Image: 2012: Earth Summit, referred to as Rio+20: www.uncsd2012.org

2000-end 2015: the Millennium Goals – a set of minimum goals the world’s gvt leaders have set to meet, if not they are not worthy of being called leaders and humanity will run into a wall by 2100. In images:

Image: 2000 Millennium Goals (MDG’s) were developed by UN Secretary Général Kofi ANNAN – the 8 MDG’s; UN SG Ban Ki MOON took over when he followed up Kofi ANNAN from January 2007 to December 2016.

2015 – 2030 the 17#GlobalGoals for Sustainable Development
Year 1: Communicating the Goals – Jacob TROLL animates the circles of workshops developing the logo’s and communication campaign. Result: a square and round logo + advice to organise “Festivals” as “conferences and summits” are connoted with boring, a festival is conotated with happy things, a mix of events – conferences for the “boring people” – music for the fun people

2017: our Sven AERTS & his Diaspora Academy & Leadership Development Institute wins a ticket to the first annual GlobalGoals Festival at the United Nations premises in Bonn, for his 1CO2e certificates with the GlobalGoals Logo and the 1CO2e fundraising toolkit.

Images: right – hand of our Sven AERTS with a 1CO2e coin with the logo of the GlobalGoals – very popular with the camera-press people, the picture is sent all over the world in publication and figures on the front page of the GlobalGoal festival page.

Images: our Sven AERTS and Prof. Edwin SCOTT-ASEMOTA on GlobalGoal16 – Peace, Justice, Strong Institutions and Beating Corruption

2018: Again, our Sven AERTS & his Diaspora Academy & Leadership Development Institute win a ticket to the annual GlobalGoals Festival at the United Nations premises in Bonn, this time for his project #Sports21 – the 1 stop association for linking the world of sports for development – culture and peace with the 17#GlobalGoals and again the accompanying 1CO2e fundraising toolkit, this time with the 1CO2e certificates with the #Sports21 – Panathlon GlobalGoals Logo

Images: our Sven AERTS – world record holder circumnavigating the planet with Team Earthrace – noticed in the first GlobalGoals festival in 2017, that the sports community was pretty much absent; this was further confirmed the year after. An analysis revealed the leading organisations behind every single goal connotated sports with corruption, building the world games infrastructure with modern day slaves and drugs. The sports community pointed to the fact that the 17#GlobalGoals don’t mention sports – “but good that you care about saving the planet”. The globalgoals community only gave a couple of seconds for an elevator pitch where Sven confirmed that although an “ultra capitalist sports community” exists – and indeed make a lot of noise/capture a lot of the TV air time, billboard and advertisement space, are very visible in promoting “sugar drinks, fast food and gambling”; there is a much larger sports community who are all about “rapprochement of cultures – sports for development and peace”. Apparently the #GlobalGoals community didn’t either know how to get in touch with this community; who to call? The Olympic Committee? That’s how far their knowledge of the sports landscape went. Hence, Sven assembled a top team and started inside the #GlobalGoals community “#Sports21 – the 1 stop association for linking the world of sports for development and peace and the 17#GlobalGoals community”.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions – Add yours

1- Type your question here:

  • Then select your question and at the top of this document – in the menu click “Insert / comment” ;
  • In the comment box, Insert @GlobalGoalsClubAcademies@googlegroups.com and check mark “Assign to GlobalGoalsClubAcademies@googlegroups.com”;
  • The ICT tool behind this document has now sent a notification of “changes to the document” to the network – as soon as someone reads it and knows the answer, they will insert the answer and you will automatically be notified.

2- How long does it take to fill out a grant form now that we have filled out a couple ? 3 days to 2 weeks

  • 1/2 day – To analyse the call and explain how the online document & spreadsheet & image/collage maker tools work – we teach by doing – as we are working. All you need is skype and a google account.
  • Personalize
    – 1 h – the collage
    – 3 x 1/2 day – Spreadsheet with budget for the call
    – 3 x 1/2 day – Fill out the grant form where it is asked to explain in words who what when where, the outcome, co-founding, lasting impact / results
    – 2 weeks to formalize the network; to link both the diaspora of the destination country in your region and the ngo(‘s) in the destination country on whose account the money of the grant will be transferred;

Who-When-Where-What-Why-With whom

Who: a team of #GlobalGoal / Agenda21 specialists aged 18-79
When: since the 2018 GlobalGoals Festival at the United Nations in Bonn
Where: worldwide – supported by a virtual office – no human boundaries nor in time nor geographical. To see if there is a club in your neighborhood, please check the map “GlobalGoals club-Academies”;
What: a network of club-academies where an open platform and maker space is offered, where people can develop their own projects in a real world team or an internet based team or alone – along the logical framework offered by Agenda21, the 17#GlobalGoals, the UN Calendar of Observances and for those who work in the EU – with the EU Award Capitals
to help teams who have to work in often corrupt and dangerous regimes not to get captured, tortured or murdered. All governments have signed up to the 17#GlobalGoals, so instead of going head on and march against corrupt = criminal regimes/expose the criminals and get arrested-tortured-killed, the “GlobalGoals club-academies” offer a shield against such behavior. You can talk your way out of difficulties. You can say e.g.
“Our gvt has signed up to the 17#GlobalGoals and has to report back every quarter to the United Nations what they / their society have been doing to further these goals. Thanks to our clubs and academies, we make sure the government has a list of actions that have been done: we just play games, teach people how to do project work, express themselves with art, set -up cultural and sport events for development and peace, etc., so nothing strange or threatening.”
“The international community in our country also participates in the 17#GlobalGoals – of course – and we are just preparing a sports event where top sporters from our country do a #GlobalGoals project with sportive people from the International Community. A lot of international press is following all this. You wouldn’t want to embarrass the government by hindering this Sports21-GlobalGoals sports event for development and peace” – would you? “
humanity reach the 17#GlobalGoals by 2030 so it has a chance to make it beyond the year 2100 – in spite of the Scientific Communities’ second warning to humanity in 2017.
With whom: all Ministries for Development aid, Erasmus+ and many foundations provide money to further democracy/rule of law, equal rights – in short the 17#GlobalGoals logical framework – as all governments have signed up for it. The best way to tackle any issue, is to use the logical framework of Agenda21 and the 17#GlobalGoals that come out of it as it helps to analyse, communicate, find resources both human as financial more readily.


The network of #GlobalGoals club-academies
http://www.wyps.org/profile.php – World Youth Peace Summits / Youth action by the United Nations supported Millennium Summit – World Council of Religious Leaders
World Youth Peace Summit – Sarajevo 2004 – in images
The WYPS is an endeavour in conflict prevention and peace restoration. At “World Youth Peace Summits”, a massive number of youth leaders from all walks of life and religions from all over the world, mix with local youngsters and youth leaders in a region of tension – to overcome the tension in that regional conflict – together and push things back into the direction of peace.


Standard email to the Embassies asking them where are the forms to fill-out (French-English)

Notre association a été invité et participé au Festival annuel des Objectifs Mondiaux aux Nations Unies – Bonn/Germany ou sont invités chaque années les 1.000 individus qui ont été le plus performant / inspirateur à avancer les 17#ObjectifsMondiaux.

Utilisant le réseau qu’ont les écoles, nous sommes en train d’implementer des “GlobalGoals club-académies” – inclusif un service babysit pour attirer des femmes assertives – dans 4 écoles/province x 18 provinces au Burundi = 72 clubs x 40 personnes/club = 2880 personnes, les offrant une séries d’evennement & ateliers sur – le travail de projet en équipe par l’internet, des MOOCs – Massive Open Online Courses comme le dactylo, apprentissage de langues par des cognates – des mots que 2 langues ont en commun, des cours d’assertivité & self défense pour des femmes, du fundraising par des certificats CO2e,

organizing 2 mass events/region.year =10 mass events, along the 17#GlobalGoals, the UN Calendar of Observances, the International Day and Week of Sports for Development & Peace and the National Holidays of India

Nous sommes une académie dédiée à la mobilisation et la sensibilisation du monde autour des Objectifs de Développement Durable et Observence des Nations Unies .Nous développons des activités en rapport avec les changements climatiques telles que le reboisement, l’efficacité énergétique et les activités génératrices de revenus comme support de notre politique de mobilisation. Notre réseau a gagné un prix à Bonn lors du Festival des Objectifs de Développement durable en 2018.
Pourriez-vous Monsieur l’Ambassadeur, permettre à ce que des fonds soient consacrés à cette mission non moins noble pour nos pays respectifs. Les activités citées ci-haut sont généralement accompagnées de Sport (SPORT21) de l’athlétisme etc…. Et sont centrées sur les clubs de jeunes.